Todd VandeKamp

  Created date :2014-11-05 05:36:08 AM
Nermin was our tour guide for the Cairo portion of our visit to Egypt. She has great english skills and is charming to be around. It was amazing how much she knew about each of the places we visited, and about the country she loves. She is ready to have conversation on any topic, so there is no concern about filtering your discussions. The best part is her flexibility to make the trip as you desire it to be, seeing what you want, when you want. She was always on time and dependable in every aspect. You cannot go wrong in working with her.
United States

Ray Bowker

  Created date :2014-10-27 09:08:20 PM
our group spent two weeks with our guide Nermin who was very knowledgeable and we had a wonderful time. We found it very helpful having a female guide as the women in our group found it easier to relate to another woman.
United Kingdom


  Created date :2014-09-06 07:00:23 AM
i love booking cairo

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